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sightseeing in charter Jumbo-taxi

・Course setting and time setting tailored to your wishes.
・We pick you up at each designated station, hotel
or airport etc. And be agile.
・As well as pick up and drop off to your destination,
tourist information is also available at major shrines.
・It is attractive that you can turn around
with only your group!



Jumbo-taxi charter price chart

In the case of sightseeing in Kyoto city (Please use it for more than 4 hours)

4 hours\26,400
4 hours half\29,700
5 hours\33,000
5 hours half\36,300
6 hours\39,600
6 hours half\42,900
7 hours\46,200
7 hours half\49,500
8 hours\52,800
8 hours half\56,100
9 hours\59,400
9 hours half\62,700
10 hours\66,000
10 hours half\69,300
11 hours\72,600
11 hours half\75,900
12 hours\79,200
12 hours half\82,500

When you go outside Kyoto city the following fee is added
In case of Kyoto prefecture, add \3,300.
going to the adjacent prefecture, add \6,600.
It is surprisingly cheap if you can divide by the number of passengers.

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